Monday, September 14, 2009

I'd call Kanye West a douche

but that would be an insult to respectable douches everywhere.

(I gotta apologize, mama, I know you'll read this, but I'm just pissed enough that some grown-up language is gonna come out, and I can't hold back any more than I am.)

Normally, I wouldn't waste the bandwidth on the waste of carbon-base that is Kanye West. I find him to be one of the worst-educated, worst spoken, and most blatantly racist people ever to disgrace this planet. I firmly feel that any respectable media establishment should be ashamed to grant him a mic, a voice, and airtime.

A quick refresher as to one of his greater moments.

Now, we learn that at the MTV VMA awards this weekend (showing how much I care, I had no clue they were even on), Kanye chooses the acceptance speech of tiny little 19-year-old Taylor Swift getting her first VMA ever to spout even more of his racist drivel.

Now, personally, him being a racist shit doesn't make a difference to me either way, and proving yourself to be nothing more than an asshat in public is something I'm all in favor of. But having to walk all over a little girl who never did a damn thing to you? Kanye West, you're officially a bitch.

May you never sell another album, and your mother deny she ever gave birth to you.



  1. I most definitely agree with you on this one.

  2. I also wanted to mention the other times he spouted off. At the European VMAS he told the Emcees that if he didnt win it would tarnish their show. And he threatened to boycott the VMAs in the past becuz he didnt win everything. Also the night of the VMAs this year he was seen on the red carpet drinking whiskey straight from the bottle.

  3. I'm really glad I don't have television and hence missed this "performance"...I probably would have stroked out!