Monday, November 16, 2009


Larry Correia mentions that gears are moving for an MHI film! How cool is that?

For a little mental exercise, me and some fellow nerds started assembling the cast. What we have will be posted here. Suggestions are, of course, most welcome.

Characters with a * are my personal submissions.

Owen Zastava Pitt - Clive Owen*
Sam Haven - Sam Elliott* (backed by JayG, as I read some of my notes)
Milo Anderson - Alan Tudyk*
Agent Franks - Adam Baldwin*
Earl Harbinger - Terence Stamp
Ray Shackleford - Gary Busey
Susan Shackleford - Catherine Zeta Jones
Julie Shackleford - Rachel Nichols
Dorcas - Judy Dench
Trip - Don Cheadle
Albert Lee - John Leguizamo (Yeah, I know Lee's supposed to be Asian. Make me a better suggestion, then.)

Still plenty of roles to cast, so help me out.



  1. Rachel Nichols, while attractive, is nowhere near hot enough to play Julie... IMHO.

  2. I'm always open to suggestions, feel free to propose a better leading lady. 8-)

  3. What about John Cho for Albert Lee

  4. +1 to what Ben said. I'm ashamed he beat me to it.