Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Year of Me

I got to talking with an ex-girlfriend last night, and the conversation got around to being the best person you can be, and knowing that that's enough.  (After helping her work on a position paper in favor of CCW on university campuses, YAY!)

It got me thinking while I was logging windshield time today.  I noticed a while back that I haven't done the things that made me happy in a long while.  My bass is sitting in the same place I left it when I brought it in after Christmas.  I replaced a 3-year-old leader and tippet on my fly rod last week.  I've been to the range all of twice this year.  I've been wound tighter than a clock spring for a year or more.  I attributed a large part of that to the new job, stress, and planning a wedding.  Looking at it now, I know that I have to actively make the time to do those things.  Therefore, I declare 2010 to be the year of me.

I plan to spend a good portion of my free time doing the things that help me relax and be healthy.  This will make me a better boss, a better friend, a better husband (and hopefully a better father in the not-to-distant future), and an all-around man.  I'm blessed with the love of a wonderful woman, and I owe it to her to repay that love by being the best partner to her I can.  Hopefully this means making more music, spending time camping and fishing, and maybe doing a bit more reading.  I'll try to blog more, too.  I promise.

I'm starting by keeping a resolution.  Barring bad weather, I'll be shooting my first USPSA match on Sunday.  Which reminds me, I need to do a writeup on the gun I'll be running.


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  1. Yay! A very strange, yet strangely wise woman told me: "The next time you are about to do something nice for someone, do it for yourself, instead! We don't take care of ourselves enough."

    Go for it!