Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Impressions on the Droid

Picked up a Droid yesterday. The Blackberry was starting to fail spectacularly, so I needed something new, and I do so much work from my phone that I need a smartphone. And Android OS is the only way to go for smartphones.

I'm actually posting this from the Droid. Battery life doesn't suck. The browser is incredible, and infinitely faster that anything Research In Motion has ever done. The keyboard is decent, but the onscreen kb is too small to be effectively useful. It can run multiple browser windows, which is something I missed on the Curve. And it can multitask, which is something none of the fanbois can do on their precious iPhones. The Google Market is stocked with nifty apps, and is relatively intuitive to search. Navigation and Maps are slick and easy to run.

Dialing will take a bit of getting used to. Unlocking the screen is the same motion as answering the phone, and all of that will take some getting used to, as well.

Unfortunately, Verizon blocks IRC, so I have to use wifi (yeah, Droid has that, too) to use the very nice AndChat IRC app, but Mibbit works on the browser, so I can get around their little restriction.

More to come as I get more time on the phone.



  1. If I ever update my phone, it'll be to a Droid, because I use Verizon. So it's interesting to me to read reviews. I don't know how much I'd be using it, but I'd probably get hooked!

  2. I recently picked up a Droid myself on the Sprint Network. I don't know how I ever got along without it. It does everything. It's not an over-achiever in any one area, but rather it does a lot of things pretty darn well. Congrats!