Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blogroll updates

It's been forever since the roll has been updated, and the pile is deep.  I promise to be better about procrastinating, I swear.

First, two updates:

Weer'd Beard went and got himself a big boy blog.

Salamander moved his blog on Wordpress.

New Conspirators:

ZerCool blogs over at Panem et Circenses ... et Plumbum. He's good people, with a taste for Smiths that make JayG and me jealous.

The OrangeNeck finally went and got himself a blog.  And he's every bit as good as we all knew he'd be.

Antitango writes over at Not a Tango, nothing to see here...  A former Marine, living in my hometown.  (I swear, buddy, I will get the chance to hook up with you one of these days.)

DaddyBear is over at Daddy Bear's Den.  A delightful combination of guns, Irish Woman, and the joys of parenthood.

Sarah over at Cranky Chicks with Guns is an utter riot.  Wal*Mart funny, guns, news of the weird...  A worthy read.

I've known Chris over at Simple Musings from a Guy With Guns online for a couple years now.  Sharp witted newshound with camera skills, and a love of the Second Amendment.

New Great Gunnies:

J Wilson is over at Wilsonblog.  The very least that can be said is that he has most excellent taste in guns.  More than that, he puts up some awesome pictures.  Enjoy.

My buddy Moose42 posts MHI fanfic and other awesome writings at Alone: King of One.

Molly Smith over at The Molly Minute...  She can't drive for a couple more years, but she's got the smile of true joy, and the ability to embarrass you with a handgun in a major way.

Go, read, enjoy.


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  1. You need to update mine, as well. You still have "A day in the life..." on there and that blogs closed. :)