Monday, January 10, 2011

A new consideration in carry guns.

I managed to split my thumb open, as a glorious conclusion to my...  interesting... weekend.  With it bandaged like it is, I can't flex my thumb at the knuckle more than a few degrees.  I went to strap on my snubbie Taurus a little while ago, and when I went to check load (a habit I'm glad I'm in), I found that I can't readily manipulate the cylinder release with my bandaged thumb.  Well, crap, let's try the 1911.  The slick tape makes releasing the safety a less than certain proposition.  I tried my 1006, and I can flip the safety on that just fine, plus it always gets carried in Condition 2 (round chambered, hammer down, safety off).

Just something to check anytime something changes on your gun hand, no matter how temporary.


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