Sunday, February 20, 2011

In less fun news

Somali pirates have hijacked a yacht and are holding 4 Americans.

However...  "US mulls responses?" I'm sorry, there is only one response to piracy where American citizens are involved.  That response has been around for well over 230 years:  The United States Marine Corps.  It's what they're for.  Point them at the general area and tell them "fix the problem."

The article also mentions that a court in New York has sentenced the one surviving pirate from the Maersk Alabama incident to 33 years in an American prison (quite an upgrade from his life in Somalia, I'm certain).  Why, for the love of all that's good and decent, did we bring one home?  By international law, which has never changed and is still valid, piracy is a capitol offense, violators are tried on site, and if convicted, summarily turned into chum.

I don't care about "fixing" Somalia, I know for a fact that it's an impossible notion.  I just want to make piracy so dangerous that it's no longer a viable business model.


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