Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We need more of this

Congratulations go out to Marko, who's celebrating the seven year anniversary of his naturalization as an American this year.

What is it that we need more of, though?  This:
I still get this little rush every time I have an occasion to affirm my nationality–checking off “United States of America” for citizenship on a 4473, for example, or acknowledging verbally that I am an American citizen.
I did it for the first time the day I got back from the courthouse with my naturalization certificate in hand, and went straight to the town clerk’s office to register to vote and apply for a passport. So far, it hasn’t lost its thrill.
 We need to make it easy for folks like Marko to emigrate to America and become legal citizens.  A person who wants nothing more than to become an American, work hard, and strive for the American Dream is a person I want to see become an American.

Congrats, Marko.  Our nation is better for you and folks like you.


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