Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is why you don't screw with old people

They have a tendency to kick asses.

Jacksonville burglar gets hit 'upside the head’ by 81-year-old victim’s frying pan
The man told Smith to "gimme what you got" before shoving him to the ground and taking his wallet, according to the police report. That didn't stop Smith, who said he "went back after him." He grabbed the nearest weapon, while Sones grabbed for something else to give him.
"I grabbed the frying pan and hit him upside the head. I knocked his teeth out ... and he went to the floor," Smith said. "There was a pitchfork about six feet away. ... I stuck him."
And the burglar was actually lucky.

"I was angry; I was upset; and I was as mad as all outdoors," Smith said Wednesday. "If I'd had my gun, like I normally would have, I would have shot him because he was in my home. I don't like people hurting my family or my home."
 As the man has been known to say...  "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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  1. Heh, my grandpa will be 88 in a month. Years back he actually did this. Two thugs broke in and he fought them off with a cast iron skillet. Fucked the one guy up pretty bad.

    Don't fuck with old folks, especially fiesty little WWII veterans.