Thursday, December 22, 2011

The carry "rotation"

Such as it is.

Clockwise, from left: S&W 1006, Taurus 605, ATI Commander, CZ-82, Colt Series 80 Government.

That's everything I've carried in the past 12 months.  It looks like a lot, but two of the guns are of the exact same type, and the CZ isn't much different.  And the ATI and the Taurus account for better than 90% of my carry.

There's some new camera gear here at the house, so now, pictures!

The S&W 1006.  The origin of the joke "My backup gun is a 10mm."  It's a bit large to conceal on my hip, so it lives in a Maxpedition KISS bag.  It goes pretty much everywhere I do.

The 1911s.  The stainless Colt is my USPSA gun.  I love it and love shooting it, but it's also a bit too long to handily conceal.  The ATI handily solves that problem.  The holsters are both Ross Leather and work very well.

CZ-82.  I have to confess to a love of the 9x18 Makarov cartridge.  It's just a handy little round.  This little beast has pretty much been relegated to a suit or dress gun, IWB and tucked under a dress shirt.  The IWB holster is a Galco, and the SOB is a Gould and Goodrich (and is far more comfortable than I expected.)

Taurus 605.  Great little gun, it absolutely disappears in that IWB Gould and Goodrich holster.  When I can't carry more firepower, it makes a handy companion.  The pocket holster is a Desantis Nemesis, which also works wonderfully.

And yes, there were mags in 3 of the 5.  One was on my hip, one was in my manbag, and the third was in the safe.  The safeties were engaged, the four rules were followed, and doing that is far safer than administrative loading and unloading.  I was aware, and I was conscious, and I was safe.


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