Monday, January 16, 2012

I never thought I'd say it

But I have to agree with something Joan Peterson said. (Link goes to Weerd.  I'm not feeding the harpies and trolls any traffic.)

They don’t like victims….It’s odd that they don’t see how failure to do something has resulted in more victims.
She's right.  We don't like victims, or at least, I don't.  And failing to do something DOES result in more victims.  That's why me and my tribe strive to help victims heal, and raise themselves up above victimhood.

This is the ideal outcome for anyone who has been made a victim.  It has nothing to do with her buying a gun or becoming a gunnie.  It has nothing to do with her suddenly having all the answers.  If you read her blog, you'll very quickly realize, she doesn't.  She's still learning, and hopefully will be for the rest of her life.  What she does have, though, is confidence, and a iron-hard determination to never be a victim again, nor allow her children to be victims.

And that makes her very, very strong.  And her strength scares the shit out of perpetual victims.


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