Monday, May 7, 2012

I have found my new God

And Keurig is it's name.

Seriously, this thing is the most awesome beast ever.  Fresh coffee, faster than a drip machine, no wasted Joe.  K cups run us something like $.60 each locally (I know they're far cheaper online, I just haven't gotten that far yet), which beats the guts out of paying $3 or more at the coffee shop.

And in the deepest parts of awesome, it's more than just coffee.  We also have apple cider (phenomenally awesome) and green tea (less awesome, but I'm picky about my tea).  In fact, most of what I've been drinking has been apple cider.  They also make a basket that fits where the k-cup would normally go, to let you use standard coffee grounds or tea leaves, which is something we'll have to invest in.  (See the part where I'm picky about my tea.)  The only thing I miss from my old drip machine was the ability to set it to brew in the morning, so I had coffee when I made it to the kitchen.  However, this thing is so fast, that's a complete non-issue.

Well worth the price, all around.


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