Monday, November 12, 2012

Big news, everyone!

So, I mentioned working on some big news.  If you know me on Facebook, you already know it, but for the rest of you...

Bex is buying me a two-car garage!  With all the accessories, including a house and a yard, and everything!  We close at the end of the month, and should be able to do Christmas in our new home.

The thought of that much debt kinda hurts my head, but it's far lower than most folks. Our house payment, insurance, and property taxes will be within $200 of our rent, and we've definitely got the money, so we'd be stupid not to buy.  It's definitely a starter home, but it'll give us equity in a few years to buy something bigger and better.

Plus, for the history nerd in me, I'll finally be original-intent Constitutionally eligible to vote.  (White.  Male.  Landowner.)  Not that it's how I think the franchise should be restricted in the modern day (that's a subject for a whole other blogpost), but it still is kinda nifty.


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