Sunday, August 8, 2010

Top Shot: The Shortest Fuse

This week's Top Shot opens with the end of team competition. Everybody dons their green shirts, and gets ready for the beginning of individual eliminations.

Challenge #1 this week is the famed "Fuse" shot. 10 rounds from a Beretta 92 to cut a burning fuse. The competitor with the shortest fuse at the end of the match loses. Blake, Iain, and Kelly miss the fuse entirely. JJ also misses all 10 rounds. Pete pops the fuse on his second shot, and dumps the other 8 rounds in rapid-fire celebration. Chris hit the fuse on his 4th shot, but it still burns through. Adam breaks the fuse as well, and imitates Pete's celebration.

The five shooters that missed their fuses have to shoot a tiebreaker. Chris shoots first, and hits his fuse. Kelly shoots second, runs dry, and misses his fuse. Blake misses his fuse. Iain pounds the fuse several times near the explosive at the end, and manages to cut it. JJ pops his fuse early on, but keeps shooting for insurance, and breaks his fuse. Kelly and Blake have a tiebreak, one bullet each on a standard bulls-eye, closest to the bull advances. Kelly puts a round touching the top edge of the bull. Blake pulls his round low and gets eliminated.

The second elimination challenge of the night is an endurance challenge, running and gunning. 3 rifles, one pistol. TT99 pistol, HK93, Mosin Nagant, and SVT-40, in that order, while running up a hill. The slowest 2 times get eliminated.

Kelly goes first, making short work of the course, hitting in one shot on all the guns, and scoring a time of 1:30.

Pete goes second, loading only one round in each weapon. He also one-shots everything, and gets a final time of 1:21.

Chris makes excellent time up the hill, one-shots the course, and ties Pete's time. Actually, he does it in .7 faster than Pete, and takes a slim lead.

Iain clears the course in 4 rounds, with a time of 1:25.

Adam has the first miss of the course, on his third target, but he hits with his second. He finishes with a time of 1:36, putting him in last place.

JJ runs a perfect course, with a time of 1:20, to win the course, and send Kelly and Adam home.

Next week, the finale.


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