Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Performance Anxiety...

Wow, I'm a bit nervous now. A blog has been set up for my 10 year class reunion (watch me feel old), and they linked to me. People I actually know in meatspace might read what I write now. Means I might have to, yaknow, write something every so often. I told myself when I started this little project that I was writing for myself and nobody else, and that holds true, but if I end up with an audience, I oughta give em something.

To all of you from the Class of 2000 that end up reading this, welcome. 10 years is a long time. Lets catch everybody up on what's gone on in that stretch. In the past decade...

I've had about half a dozen jobs, my current one for the last half of that time.

I've acquired about a half-dozen ex girlfriends (most still on good terms) and one ex wife (terms on that one not so good.)

I've owned more cars than I care to count, but now have it pared down to three, including a vintage VW project car.

I've lived in three states, and all my moves have involved work. I love my job, it's taken me good places, at times I was ready to go to them.

I met my current fiance, about 9 years before we realized that we are, in fact, a match you read about in story books.

Welcome to the House of 'Dude, and enjoy.

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