Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tire Trouble in Turn 4

(At least I kept it out of the SAFER barrier...)

The tires on my beloved truck have been marginal for a while now, but I've been holding out buying new ones, as it doesn't get driven much, and I figured I could wait until closer to winter before I had to worry. Yeah, that's what I get for making plans. I go out last night to wire in my CB antenna and set up to mount the CB, and I notice the right front on my truck has maybe 10 pounds of air in it. I know it's going flat, and plan today around getting the tire fixed, hoping there's enough tire to fix. For the record, this makes three tires, on three vehicles, in about six weeks. Ironically, all of them were right fronts as well.

Anyways, I finally get the tire off today (learning in the process that the star wrench from the truck is in the Volkswagen back home, yay), and take it to the tire shop, only to find out that the sidewall has separated, causing the leak. This means I have to buy four new skins, about 2 months earlier than planned. And I get this news two days before payday. Hooray for broke.

Dad's going to do some checking with the mechanic at his work, and see if he can pick me up a set of the Dueller A/T Revo tires that they put on the work trucks and save me some cash. Either way, this means I'll have to cancel one of my runs down, most likely. Probably for the best, though, cutting out one of a pair of 1000 mile round trips in a five-day period.

Man, this is gettin old...

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