Friday, January 15, 2010

The Blogfather

Xavier spooked us all by hanging it up.

An outpouring of love got him to change his mind.

The man doesn't know, can't know, and probably never will know, but he's the closest thing to a blogfather that I have.

I've been reading his blog very near it's beginning. He wasn't the first blogger I read, and I still read some of those other blogs from my early days, but Xavier's writing struck a particular chord with me. His writing style and knowledge were welcoming. His incredible variety of topics made me feel like you didn't have to have a massive directed focus to be popular and widely read. Guns, bikes, dogs & fish, medicine... He made my own ADD-scattered interests seem normal.

I've never met him, likely never will. I doubt he'll ever read this. While he's not the only reason I started writing, he was a very large inspiration.

From the bottom of my heart, Xavier, best wishes and my sincerest thanks.


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