Saturday, January 9, 2010

On proper manners

I went with my parents to Cabelas this morning while Bex was doing bride junk. Picked up a Lee Auto Disk Pro powder measure and a Lee 4-die .45ACP die set. But that's not the point of this.

On the doors, there's a large sign asking that all firearms be checked in at customer service. This sign also states that CCW firearms are exempted from this rule. I have zero problem with this, as I fully understand the purpose behind it. They've had problems more than once with people coming in looking for holsters and accessories for their CCW guns, and drawing said guns, locked and loaded, to test-fit.

Mom saw the sign, but missed the bottom part exempting CCW guns. She then proceeded to tell me I had to check my gun. Out loud, in public. I pointed out the exemption clause, and when we turned around, the door greeter asked (rather politely, actually) "So, which one of you's carrying?" He and I had a good conversation about CCW, and their rule on guns. He (and his entire company, obviously) is rather pro-concealed carry. I was very lucky with regard to the store we were entering. It could have gone very differently if we'd been entering a less-than-friendly retailer.

Now, I told you that story so that I could express this moral: It's bad manners to advertise that someone is lawfully carrying a gun. I took my mother aside a while later and explained this to her. She simply didn't know better, so I can't hold any of it against her. But look at it this way. If you knew someone happened to be carrying $5000 in cash on their person, would you publicly point this out? Of course not. At the very least, it makes the person very uncomfortable. At worst, it potentially puts them in danger. Was I in danger today? Not very likely. But my conversation with the greeter started out rather uncomfortably. Just be aware, so you know how better to deal with the CCW holder in your life.

The more you know....


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