Sunday, July 25, 2010

Top Shot - Trick Shots

Okay, after a week off for business, we're back to Top Shot this week.

This week is trick shots.  The weapons, on practice day, are a Winchester 1873, an S&W M&P revolver, and a Schofield (one of my favorite wheelguns of all time.)  They're training Annie Oakley's "mirror shot" over the shoulder with the Winchester.  With the M&P, they're replicating Ed McGivern's double-action one-handed "dot shot."  The Schofield is being used for a boilerplate exhibition shooter trick, blasting thrown cabbages.  Denny's putting on a decent show for Red in practice, and everybody did okay with the rifle, but the pistol work seemed very rough on them.  Blue shoots well enough with the rifle, does moderately with the M&P, and can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn with the Schofield.  Disappointing, considering they have JJ and Blake.

The team challenge involves Annie Oakley's shot with a mirror, then driving a literal tack with the M&P, then a thrown soda can.  The fourth shooter has to hit a half-size soda can thrown into the air.  3 shots per challenge, one point per shot.  The half-can of soda is worth 2 points each.

Rifle - Pete 3/3
Naildriving - Denny 0/3
Full can - Brad 0/3 (he hit his first, but it was over the rope, instead of under)
Half-can - Kelly 1/3

Rifle - Tara 3/3
Naildriving - Chris 2/3
Full can - Iain 1/3

Blue wins, 6 points to 5.

On the nomination range, Brad votes for Kelly, and Kelly returns the favor.  Denny votes Kelly, and Pete votes for Brad, and makes a funny about his consistent voting.  This puts Kelly and Brad in the elimination challenge, and Kelly is displeased, to say the least.

The elimination practice is shooting hand-thrown pigeons with a shotgun, another exhibition shooter staple.  Both shooters seemed to be at about the same level, both shooting and throwing, but the practice didn't allow for them doing both.

Kelly and Brad both break their single bird, Kelly hits one of two on his second, and Brad hits both, to take a 1 point lead.  Kelly hits one again on his 3 bird round, as does Brad.  Kelly breaks 3 on his 4 bird round, while Brad hits 1.  Kelly breaks 2 his 5 bird round, 2 targets, and Kelly wins yet another elimination challenge.

From here on out, it looks like the competition gets much more intense.



  1. Please, Lokidude, explain to me how Denny was not in the elimination and Kelly was. Denny has screwed the pooch two weeks in a row, in areas where he should have excelled! Kelly has proven to be the most versatile shooter in the entire bunch.

    I was glad to see Brad go, he was such a whiner. I have to admit I'm getting a little tired of the drama. About half the time these guys are acting like spoiled children.

  2. No clue why Denny hasn't gone in in the past two weeks, considering they were challenges that should have been right up his alley. Politics. Although, I'd think that they should now be full-well afraid to face Kelly in an elim challenge.