Sunday, June 6, 2010

Top Shot

Okay, Top Shot is starting momentarily, and I'm gonna attempt to liveblog, because what the hell.

Harblz is the last to enter, and seriously, black mock turtleneck?  I will say, the boy is in some VERY deep company.

8:05 Mountain:  Team competition, rifle match.  Red team, with the USA Rifle Team member on it, looks quite strong.  M14, 1891 Mosin-Nagant, 1903 Springfield, and an SVT.  2 Comblock, 2 US weapons, a semi and a bolt from each.  The lone female, a former Marine, seems to know her stuff, too.

Aaaand the team challenge is an obstacle course/relay race.  Targets at 50 and 100 yards.  I'd say Caleb would have some kind of advantage, but everybody else is in just as good of shape as he is, if not better.

8:18 Mountain:  The race is on.  Chickypoo pops her target first, 1903 Springfields at the first station.  And Chicky is a shit spotter...

Okay, Blue is moving on, Harblz and Blake, with SVT-40s.  Harblz has the short shot, apparently in one.  Red is down 4-1.  JJ the speed king and the old dude Jim are on a rope obstacle, and the old dude kicks it's ass...  Don't mess with old dudes.

Blue is up 6-1.  Red is pretty much jacked at this point.

And Blue wins, 8-1.  Wow, Red got SMOKED!

8:34 Mountain: I expected more from Mike Seeklander.  This "public vote" elimination is gonna be a drama factory, I'll bet lunch for a week.

Bex commented on just how safety conscious everybody is.  It's true, the gunhandling is textbook.  I approve.

And the elim shoot is gonna be Mike v. Kelly.  I'm cool with that, but the comment about Kelly's experience?  Bullshit.  The kid has as much experience, at a MUCH younger age, than the rest of them.

8:45:  And the elim is a rifle challenge, using a Remington 700.  It's a weapon Mike is sure to know, but Kelly's specialty is rifles.  Mike is dependent on the spotter in practice.  Kelly is calling his own.  If Mike survives, he'll definitely have earned it.  And the smiley face was a nice touch.

200, 400, and 600 yards, one target at each range for elimination.  Kelly made a sharp call for his spotter.  Head to head at the 200 yard targets, and Kelly goes ahead by one at 400 yards.  One more target to eliminate Mike.

2 shots at 600 and Kelly drops Mike Seeklander.  Of course, this is Kelly's discipline, so I really am not that surprised.


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