Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kilted to kick cancer

First off, the info is here.

I'm not tossing in my hat, at least not for myself.  My traffic is far too low to be anywhere near competitive.  Instead, I'm asking that you donate to one of the other fine bloggers.  I really don't care who.  Back Kelly.  Or Old NFO.  Or Stingray.  Or Alan.  Or JayG.

Because seriously, it's about far more than some online contest.  This is, quite seriously, a matter of life and death.  1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.  That's TWO DUDES in your average fantasy football league.  That's one of your best drinking buddies.  That's a figure that is far too high to screw around with.

So donate, through whichever blogger you choose.  If you're a man of appropriate age, swallow your shame and get your ass checked out (no pun intended.)

Even though I'm not playing for the big prize, there happen to be pictures of me in a kilt out there somewhere.  Here's the deal.  I'll be donating $40 come payday.  If any of my readers is willing to match me, and email me their confirmation number (utredneck on the gmail service), I'll dig up the picture, and it will be my blogpic for the rest of the year.

Get on it.


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  1. Thanks for raising awareness. People don't realize it, but cancer really CAN happen to anyone - the most unsuspecting people. A year ago I went in for a routine physical. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with cancer, which I'm still fighting, as I recently learned it's spread into my lymph nodes while I was pregnant. I'm young, healthy, active, I eat right, I do everything right... so why I got it, who knows, but I did. No one, least of all me, would have ever thought I'd get it. It never seemed to be a faint possibility.... but here I am.

    It happens to ANYONE and people need to realize that - support is SO important.