Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fun Show AAR

Went to the funshow yesterday, looking mainly for holsters (and Colt grip medallions, on the off chance that I was the luckiest dude ever.)  I couldn't find any deals on holsters, only one guy there with any, and for what he wanted, I'll just save my pennies a little longer and get myself an Executive II, which is my running plan anyways.  Saw several friends shopping around, including my buddy Jim, who found himself a gorgeous Pattern 14 Enfield with very good looking rifling.  My buddy Ben from All Things Projectile had a table set up, and I swear, he's gonna be the death of my wallet, because seriously, suppressors have gotta be the coolest/most practical way to get into NFA items, and he had a gorgeous AAC quick detach in .30 that would be absolutely awesome on my 7.62 AR project.

Saw some very old Colt and Smith revolvers, a mess of .32 ACP pistols, a Nazi-marked PP, and a Nazi Hi-Power (not cut for a stock, so I wasn't really very interested.)  Ended up not buying anything, but got some ideas for ways to spend more money than I really should, when I get to that point.

Can you say Electric Blue 1911?


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