Friday, December 10, 2010


There's a whole mess of updates to the official Redneck Command blogroll tonight, mainly because I procrastinated longer than I thought I had.

First the easy shuffles.  Tango at Not A Tango, Nothing to See Here and Gay_Cynic from FreeThinker got added to the Folks I've Really Met list.  Silver from Screw the Rules, I Have Blog was moved into the Conspirators section, where she should have been originally.  A Day in the Life... is dead, and Sarah has moved to Bookworm Blues, where she reviews speculative fiction.  I only wish I had the time to read as much as she does.

On to the meat:

Raptor's Nest:  Raptor is a frequent denizen of We The Armed, a writer of fun fiction, and an all-around sharp guy.  All in all, a very good read.

Girls <3 Guns:  I think it was a link from Unc that led me to GG's place.  Being as I'm a big fan of women taking their safety into their own hands, I was immediately interested.  She's an awesome resource for gun rights and self-defense information, and especially for women who question how to carry an effective defensive tool and remain fashionable and chic.

Eyes Never Closed:  JP556 is a frequent Conspirator and a good egg.

Happy That You Are:  The adventures of a young prospective dental student.  With cephalopods.

Hitched a Lift, Now What:  So, one day, this Canadian chick wandered into the #GBC.  And for some unknown reason, she actually stuck around.  And how do you not like a chick who, when she's pondering
"How An Alberta Girl Gets a Gun" is referring to gorgeous 1911s?

Is This Off The Record?:  T is a reporter from somewhere between the coasts, who gives the viewpoint from the inside.

Lost & Found:  I'll let Cybrus tell you all about it.  "The scattered thoughts of a father, programmer, fire fighter, and shooter."  And y'all wonder why I like the guy?

Site & Situation:  Vine brings guns, riddles, and common sense.

The Holster Site:  Michael makes some awesome leather holsters, with flair and panache.  I'm currently saving my pesos for an Executive II for my Taurus.  That's the highest recommendation I can give someone.

The Gun Counter:  The fourth or fifth iteration of a forum and group of friends that I've followed for about 6 years now, this is one of two that I frequent.

We The Armed:  The other forum I haunt, and one I joined just recently, after the Alan Baird kerfluffle.  As a bonus, Larry Correia, Nightcrawler, and Michael Z Williamson are all there, and if they're half as friendly and awesome in meatspace as they are online (Bex confirms that Larry, in fact, is), then I have no problem buying their books and being a fan.

I know it's a mess of updates, but show em some love.  You'll find something you like.


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