Friday, July 1, 2011

A favor for Larry

Larry Correia's next book, Monster Hunter Alpha, drops on July 26th, and he (and the rest of us) would like to see it hit the NYT Bestseller list like the other Monster Hunter books have.

So he's asking a favor.

I don't know how much help and traffic I can possibly send his way, but he's a hell of a nice guy, so I'll do what I can.  If it means anything, I also give him the strongest recommendation a capitalist can.  I'm buying his book.  3 copies, in fact (one each for Bex and I to have signed, and an .epub copy for the Nooks).

So help out one of the nicest guys to ever lay ink to paper.



  1. Is it a series or a stand-alone? I could review it for him on my blog. I'd just need a copy of it....

  2. Third book in a series. You'd have to hit either Larry or Baen Books about a review copy of the new one. Email me and I can set you up with a copy of the first book in the series to get you up to speed.