Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Greetings...

from the House of Dude!

This is the time of year for family, and friends, and reflection, and just having a good time. In the interest of honoring multiple traditions this season, the House of Dude offers the following greetings:

For my Christian friends, Merry Christmas.

For my Jewish friends, Happy Hanukkah.

If I have any Buddhists reading me, have a pleasant Dōngzhì.

For the Seinfeldians out there, enjoy Festivus!

If anybody really feels like following ancient Greek or Roman traditions, hey, it's Saturnalia!

If any Africans find me, Kwanzaa rolls around right quick now.

For the Wiccans (knowing my friends, there's a decent chance of those), Yule is upon us!

And if I didn't manage to catch your particular belief structure, Have a Nice Day!


1 comment:

  1. ha... I love it.

    We celebrate Festivus, though this year we are sadly lacking our pole.

    Have a good one!