Thursday, March 4, 2010

If you prick me, do I not... leak?

There's been a bit of discussion about "community" in the gunnie world. Now, being out in the middle of nowhere, it makes blogmeets a fair bit more difficult to hit. However, I took a look at my blogroll, and saw that the same diversity exists there. In the "Conspirators" and "Great Gunnies" sections of my little roll, I have a preacher and a pilot, a couple cops and a biker, a nationally known paramedic and a cowgirl in the literal sense of the word. There's a gay man from Seattle, a young mother from the midwest, and a massage therapist who just made her escape to Texas. On the list as well are several published authors, a holstermaker and his wife, an incredible photographer, a librarian, and a nurse. I know that there's at least two racial "minorities" represented, not that you'd know it to talk to them.

They all have a couple things in common, to go along with all their differences. They're all gunnies, and they're all intelligent, educated, well-spoken and well-read, and all people I'd very much like to have lunch or drinks with before my time on this rock is done. The "tent" as it were, is plenty big enough for all folks who value freedom, no matter what the rest of their story is.

These are my people, and I'm damn proud of it.


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  1. It's a wonderful, welcoming community!

    I'd love to share a meal with you sometime, Loki!