Thursday, November 25, 2010

Granolas going militant

It seems that a group of animal-rights activists have declared war on trappers.  They've posted a downloadable state-by-state list of all registered trappers, including their home addresses.  There's only one reason to do something like that, and that is deliberate, targeted harassment, and more.

From their own website,, comes the money quote:

Camille Marino is the Founder & Senior Editor of Negotiation Is Over! and a co-founder of Just Us. As a co-admin of NIO Florida, she and her colleagues have pooled their resources and are aligning themselves to create a network of militant activism across the state. Negotiating with abusers is an exercise in futility and the only action that matters to the imprisoned is the one that imparts freedom. Acutely aware of the fact that victimized animals do not read blogs, NIO strives to be an instrument of defiance, disruption, disobedience, subversion, creative & aggressive grassroots action, and a catalyst for revolutionary change. Liberation will not happen by politely asking abusers to be decent. Emotion and passion drive action… not sterile debate. 
(Emphasis mine.  Tells me most everything I need to know.) 

Okay, Slappy.  How about you go turn that friendly, cuddly, noble wolf loose and see what happens.  Just lemme pop some popcorn first.


H/T to good buddy Gay_Cynic.

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  1. As a college student, I have the (dis)pleasure of knowing a lot of "militant" animal rights "activits," as well as the (surprising) pleasure of knowing a fair number of trappers and hunters.

    When it comes down to it, and I don't doubt that one of these "activists" will try something stupid sooner or later, my money's on the trappers and hunters. Granolaheads, in my experience, don't seem to realize that hunting rifles and trapping gear are just as effective against two-legged predators as they are against the four-legged kind, and if they do, they don't understand how self-defense isn't the same as murder.