Saturday, August 14, 2010

Making with the stabby

I need information on bayonet mounting.  If I wanted to mount a bayonet on a rifle that has no bayonet lug, how would I go about it?  I'd rather not try and weld on the bottom of my barrel.  The gun in question is a Remington 760, so some 870 parts will fit on it.  WECSOG is fine, as are modifications, as this rifle is going to be exceptionally custom when I'm done.

Also, what bayonets would be a good fit on a rifle like this?  I'd like something in a 4-6" blade, quick-detach would be nice, and interchangeability with an AR would be a big plus, but not a dealbreaker.


1 comment:

  1. The m9 serves the Army pretty good. It'll fit on any AR with lugs. You could try to find the type of lug that bolts on like a c-clamp. Besides that, the only ides I got is the handy man's secret weapon....