Sunday, August 15, 2010

Top Shot: Finale

This week is the finale.  The final four consist of Peter Palma, JJ Racaza, Chris Cerino, and Iain Harrison.

Elimination Challenge #1:  Dueling flipper targets, using a Beretta 92.  The competitors have 60 seconds and 40 rounds to flip as many targets as possible to their designated color.

The first matchup is JJ and Chris.  JJ, as expected, dominates Chris, leaving only one target scored for Chris.

The second matchup is Pete vs Iain.  Iain beats Pete 7-3.  That makes the elimination round Peter vs Chris.  In the elimination round, Pete got out to an early lead, but was soundly beaten by Chris in the end.

Elimination Challenge #2:  The competitors are allowed to pick between 3 pistols and 3 rifles, and are basically playing HORSE with their shots.  JJ starts with an 8" pane of glass, at 50 yards, standing, one handed, with the Schofield revolver, and misses, hitting the target frame.  Iain hits JJ's shot, and Chris hits the frame and doesn't break the pane.  Iain takes the lead, and calls the next shot.  S&W double action revolver, shot glasses, 50 yards, and drills the shot.  Chris also nails his shot, and JJ misses again.  Chris takes the HK rifle, 2 hands, standing, beer mugs at 100 yards.  Chris misses his shot, giving JJ a chance to stay in.  JJ also misses his shot, and is eliminated.

Elimination Challenge #3:  As Iain and Chris walk up to the final range, all of the "Green Team" members are there to greet them and watch the final challenge.  The final challenge is a composite.  Thrown knives, longbows, Colt single actions, the Winchester and rope challenge, a Beretta 92 and a 1.5" tube, an AR-15 and a plate array, and an M-14 with two exploding targets.

Iain jumps  out to an early lead on the knife, and extends it on the bow.  Chris quickly closes the gap and takes the lead, as Iain has trouble early on the Peacemaker.  The two are virtually tied going into the Winchester rope shot.  Chris severs the rope first, but Iain is only two shots behind.  Iain's first shot on the Beretta breaks the glass in the tube, and he reclaims the lead, but not by much.  Iain extends his lead on the AR-15, and shortly after, Chris follows him to the M-14.   Iain hits his 100 yard target quickly, and Chris ties it up, but Iain beats him on the 300 yard bull and wins the competition.

Congratulations, sir, and to all the competitors, you put on one hell of a show.


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