Sunday, August 1, 2010

Top Shot: The Razor's Edge

This episode starts with Red team returning, along with Kelly, after winning his second elimination challenge in a row. Kelly indicated to Denny that he was next, and the count is now 3 Red team members, and 6 Blue.

The teams head out to practice in a miserable downpour. The weapon this week is a throwing knife. Blue trains first, and JJ may have found his Kryptonite in the throwing knife, and Blake struggles as well. Iain, on the other hand, looks like he's throwing darts.

The rain has stopped by Red's practice. Denny struggles, Pete does relatively well, and Kelly once again proves the "no skills" crowd totally wrong, filling the target board with steel.

Tara gets a call that her father is quite ill, but at his urging, she decides to stay in the competition.

The team challenge is throwing knives at six targets along a progressively narrowing balance beam. Adam and JJ for Blue must play, as they sat out last week, and they pick Iain to throw with them.

Iain and Adam miss with their first two knives, but JJ hits with his first. The same story repeats itself on the second target. Iain drills his first knife on the third target. Adam misses 2 on the fourth board, and JJ repeats his perfect streak. Iain misses twice on 5, as does Adam. JJ extends his perfect streak, and then Iain hits his first knife on the final target. Final time, 3:05.

Red gets up on the line. Denny leads off, and misses his first two, and Kelly drills his first blade. Pete misses both on the second board, as do Denny and Kelly. After a couple passes through, Kelly finally hits the second board, and Pete nails the third on his first throw. Denny sticks one in the support on 4 that doesn't count, and Kelly clears it. Pete's first knife scores on 5, and Denny does the same on 6. Final time, 3:10. Blue wins again, and Red is off to the nomination range.

At the nomination range, Pete and Kelly vote for Denny, and Denny gets to pick his opponent, choosing Pete.

Tara gets another call about her father, and learns he has days to live. She bids farewell to her team and heads home to take care of her family.

The elimination challenge is going to involve slingshots. They'll be shooting at 8, 10, and 12" targets. 20 marbles, 60 seconds. Denny's targets are yellow, Pete's are orange, and a hit on the opposing target nets your opponent a point. Pete shows up rocking his lucky tie, which is just so stylish.

Denny hits the first target, but Pete jumps to the lead, and Denny is never able to catch up. The lucky tie pays off, and Pete beats Denny 7-5.

Two episodes left, and next week, it becomes an individual competition. Tune in, same Bat time, same Bat channel.


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