Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why I love junkyards

I'm gonna get myself in trouble, not be allowed to go to the junkyard anymore. Stopped in today, made a purchase, and found myself a set of mirrors for my truck, for $20. I didn't have that much cash on hand, so I'll be picking up the mirrors tomorrow. As for the purchase?

Online, they go for $12 each, plus shipping, which isn't cheap on a 20 pound can.  Plus, mine came with a very good rubber seal, which many of the online ones don't have.  It's completely rust free, the dark spots are where the red overspray has worn down to the OD paint underneath.

Total cost?  $6.55.  Yeah, some days you're the windshield.



  1. I like! I can't make out the text on the lid, but this reminds me of the "amnesty boxes" in Basic at Ft. Jackson, SC. Only God knows what recruits put into those boxes when they first arrived at Reception Battalion. Heh.

  2. It says "Survival" something. Looks like somebody used it to stash emergency supplies in. I may use it for the same exact purpose.

  3. you are such a dweeb. It's the small things in life that thrill you. Good thing Becca is such an easy person to get along with.

  4. Dude, I coulda got you one for freeish. I got a few of em. And, I DO know what goes into amnesty boxes because I've emptied them. Let us never speak of it....

  5. So hook a brother up already! Can never have too many ammo cans.