Saturday, September 4, 2010

Almost as cool as Zombie Reagan

It's Vicious Circle 66: Zombie Lincoln!

I had the pleasure to spend a couple hours with alan, aepilotjim, JayG, and Tracie (Mrs. Whitebread), talking about the Marine Corps Commandant (he clanks when he walks), electric cars, Jesse Jackson's expensive gas ride getting jacked, the nutter who went after Discovery, and Californians still being able to own guns.

The links are here, if you feel like reading along.

I may not have brought all 50%, but I did have three screwdrivers!



  1. you sounded like you were talking into a sock on the other side of an empty hangar, with water running :p

  2. Funny, I thought I sounded like a 15 year old kid.