Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Latest Addition

Bex here to tell about the latest addition to family. Sorry, no creepy ultrasounds are forthcoming at this time. The time finally came for me to get a gun of my very own.

If you had asked me a year or two ago whether or not I would ever buy a handgun specifically for me, the answer would have been a probably not. I've never been anti-gun, but definitely not a big gun nut either. My dad had guns in the house and took me and my brothers rifle shooting on the rare occasion. I knew enough about guns to not be scared of them and how to be safe, but that was the extent of my exposure growing up.

Loki, as usual, was the corrupting influence in my life. Before we started dating he took me to the gun range and taught me how to shoot handguns. I have to admit that I had a ton of fun with them, and I was hooked. Every time after that when I found out Loki was going shooting I did my best to be able to go with him so that I could get some trigger time too. The only problem that I had is that none of Loki's guns really fit my hands - it's the curse of having small hands. Not to mention Loki has a fetish for the bigger, heavier gun frames that I find just a little clunky. That doesn't mean that I don't know how to clear, load and shoot every gun in the house. There are just some guns that I like better than others.

I've also been seriously thinking about getting my own concealed carry permit. Living with a permit holder and learning more and more about gun rights, laws and issues - as well as just listening to the news at night - it makes you start to think about protecting yourself from the wolves out there, both the literal and figurative wolves due to where we live. My one condition is that when I get my permit, I want to carry a gun that I feel completely comfortable shooting, fits well in my hand, and more importantly in this house... it's MINE!

Loki was definitely not opposed to getting a gun for me, as long as it was a quality gun. So down to the local gun shop we went. Within 30 minutes I had fallen in love. The next stop was to a not so local gun range to actually shoot one. I knew that the gun felt good in my hand, but actually shooting it can be a different story. One 16 round magazine later I knew that I had to have this gun.

Again Loki showed how supportive he was in this endeavor by actually trading in one of his own guns, the 4043 S&W, to help bank roll my gun. Granted giving up that gun was not a big loss to either of us as we did not enjoy shooting it one bit and our accuracy with it was horrible, but it's still the thought that counts.

So by now you're probably asking what gun did I decide upon....

It's a brand new .40 caliber XDM with a 4 inch barrel complete with all of the toys in the box. I had to laugh at the label on the side of the case "NOT LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA". Is anything legal in California nowadays?

One feature I do love is that the XDM comes with 3 different backstraps so that you can tailor the grip to your hand. Of course I threw on the smallest backstrap as soon as we had it home. Next stop is to take it out the range and have some fun! Happy shooting everyone!


  1. When I got my XD9, though I was already leaning towards it, the thing that pushed me over the edge was the "NOT LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA" sticker on the box...

  2. I'm not a pro-gun person (as we all know) but regardless, I'm glad you are happy with your purchase! That's a sleek looking weapon you have there and I highly doubt there is any better teacher on the planet about gun safety/issues/etc than Loki. :)

  3. I don't feel guilty at all for being a corrupting influence, either. The shit-eating grin after that first mag, and the matching one when we picked up the gun made it all worth it.