Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why don't you go first, Skippy?

It seems some envirowhacko reject took some hostages at the Discovery Channel headquarters yesterday and got himself fatally ventilated for his trouble.  As happens in such best-case scenarios, none of the hostages or rescuers were harmed.

He'd posted a nutty "manifesto" online, like they all do.  Seriously, the thing reads like it was written by an 8th grader.  Or an illiterate libtard.  My apologies to 8th graders.

According to his scholarly writing, he was a "Human Extinction Project" sort of nutball.  Which, logically, is pretty damn dumb.  But he's entitled to his dumb ideas.  He's even entitled to be as vitriolic about it as he was.  But for the love of God, grow some stones, shut your damn mouth, and lead by example.  (Yes, he's dead, but he made a cop off him, because he was too chickenshit to follow his own preachings.)

By the by, Bex and I want kids.  While I'll grant that fools like James Jay Lee have every right to be as horrible, hateful, and vitriolic as they please, call me (or, God help you, my wife) a "filthy breeder" having "pollution parasite babies," and I can pretty much promise that things will get interesting, in every sense of the word that you can possibly imagine.


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