Thursday, September 2, 2010

Southern Style Granite; Free to make STUPID business decisions.

Ambulance Driver asked for a favor, and since 1) he's a good man asking for a favor, and b) I agree with what he's asking, here goes.  There is, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a business named Southern Style Granite who seems to have an issue with folks in homosexual relationships.  The post is here.  RTWT

Anyhoo, Robert brings to our attention one Baton Rouge area business, Southern Style Granite. They have a really nasty attitude toward gays, to the point of refusing to do business with them.
And that’s fine, really. If they’re afraid of the gay cooties, that’s their business. The libertarian in me tells me that, as a private business, they have the right to refuse service to anyone.
But they don’t have the right to be immune from the consequences of their intolerance and bigotry.
Um, do they not realize how many interior designers are gay? Jeez, talk about not knowing your clientele!

So do me a favor, and link this post in your own blogs, or link Robert’s post, and let’s Google bomb these backwards-assed yahoos into the 21st century. You did it for me with those mouth-breathers at Cycles and More, and now I’m asking you to do the same with Southern Style Granite. This post or Robert’s needs to be the #1 Google result by the end of the week.

Pass the word along.  Be the change.


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