Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My turn

A while back, Bex got to show off her new toy, and now, it's my turn!

As she said, I have a thing for duty-size guns.  It's just how I roll.  So when I saw this little gem in the case at my local funhouse tagged for $325, I knew I was gonna go home with it, even as I briefly hemmed and hawed (and checked the bank account to see where to pull the funds from.)

Anyways, without further ado...

 (As always, click to embiggify.)

Talked him into eating the tax, so a 4473 and $325 later, my new friend came home with me!  Now, I just need to find some decent wood for her, and make or buy a decent leather holster.  Should make a gorgeous OC gun for this cowboy town.