Friday, October 1, 2010

We all knew Barry was a liar

...and A fink for that matter, too. (Bring On the ban, if you can get Michelle to give back your balls.)

Obumblecare was supposed to lower everybody's insurance premiums and health care costs, and give everybody an orangutan named Clyde to chill with. Which we all knew was BS, because that many orangutans named Clyde would be confusing.

That, and if you want to see the true cost of something, make it free.

This was driven home to me last night. On the heels of radio news saying McDonalds was looking at dumping their health coverage (great uninteded consequence there, eh?) I came home to a letter from my company (not MickeyD's) indicating that for 2011, my insurance premium was going up by $50 a month, and my company's portion was going up by $100. Thanks, Barry, Harry, and Nancy. You just set me back by an extra $600 per year. And you cost my company $1200, just for me. Run that math across our 10000 employees, and my company just got whacked for TWELVE MILLION dollars.

How's that for stimulation.

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  1. Maybe it's just me, but it stimulates my "pissed off".

    Our company is looking at new insurance because our rates with the current provider are scheduled to go up by 25 to 30% in 2011.

    It might be real easy to make decisions for millions of people when you're not affected by it at all...

  2. Well shit. I already pay 70 something a paycheck (on two paychecks a month that's a lot) just for me. Me alone. Just myself. Me. I. Insane.