Thursday, September 3, 2009

Exite! Chemicus Sum!

So, I have love for this book, Monster Hunter International. You should buy it, because it's a rollicking good time and the author, one Larry Correia, is just that cool. When he found out that fans were designing their own MHI unit patches, he put together a contest, the winner getting an autographed copy of the first book, and their patch getting used in the second MHI book, due out sometime in 2010.

The Atomic Nerds put together a submission that I personally think rocks monster socks. Anybody that might actually read this should go to Larry's blog and vote for the Nerds' patch, "Exite! Chemicus Sum!" Let's face it, radiation is cool, and the Nerds really should have some MHI love.

"Back off man! I'm a scientist!"


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