Thursday, September 3, 2009

Made it by midnight...

Sorry this week's On Stage Thursday is late, I was tinkering on the truck and then went out for chinese, because I was in the mood and haven't been down to see Christopher in forever.

So, here ya go. Some folks might call it a cop out, it's a simple tune, I can play it in my sleep.

Here's the thing, though. This is the first song I ever learned on my bass. In fact, it's the first song a great many bassists learn. Five fingerings, one string, I could pretty much teach this song in 30 seconds to anybody who can get their hand around the neck. And quite honestly, it's just a fun song to play. It's one of those songs that, when I hear it come on, if my bass is handy, I feel an unstoppable compulsion to play.

Even simple can rock.


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