Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's in the Arkansas water?

How the entire police department of Jericho, Arkansas isn't currently incarcerated is beyond me. After reading this, my blood was pretty much set on a rolling boil. I grew up around firefighters, for my entire childhood. Some of my very good friends are the next generation of smokeaters, and several are second generation. In the real world, cops and firefighters get along, with the exception of the yearly softball game.

The fire chief went to court to dispute a ticket, which it seems is all this department did with regards to "law enforcement." In response, he gets a second ticket, and then shot in the back while he was unarmed and surrounded by seven cops. Now, I'm normally willing to give the police the benefit of the doubt, but 7-1 against an unarmed man? No chance. If they couldn't control the situation through physical restraint and arrest control techniques (and that's assuming the chief was physically aggressive with them, which I find highly doubtful), then they have no business carrying badges. For the record: A gun is not a universal problem solver, and you are NOT authorized to shoot simply because you're angry. Lethal force is authorized and acceptable only when all other options have been ruled out in the cause of protecting yourself and others from harm.


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