Sunday, November 22, 2009

Comment policy

Due to some recent kerfluffles in the blogosphere, I feel it necessary to lay down the official House of Dude Comment Policy (for what few comments I currently get).

In brief:
Dissent is cool. Asshattery is not.

Have an opinion. Bring it with you. Bring some facts for backup, and we'll have ourselves a grand debate. You prove me wrong, and I'll even admit it, right here in public.

Ad hominem attacks will be in the least deleted, or, if they're laughable enough, will be held up to the light to expose the stupidity of both the argument and the person making it.

Links to ad hominem attacks, or to anti-American or anti-freedom drivel will be summarily deleted, or rerouted to a site of my choosing, at my sole discretion.

Be adult, and play nice.