Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"She wanted to know what it felt like..."

I've been withholding comment in the matter of Shaniya Davis, simply because I can't come up with enough apologies to my mama to cover the words I'd use if I started on that topic.

But there's another case that's as disturbing in my mind, that I feel safe offering commentary on, the murder of Elizabeth Olten.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Blessed with a Friday off school, 15-year-old Alyssa Bustamante dug two holes in the ground to be used as a grave, authorities said. For the next week, she attended classes, all the while plotting the right time for a murder, they said.

That time arrived the evening of Oct. 21, when Bustamante strangled 9-year-old neighbor Elizabeth Olten without provocation, cut the girl's throat and stabbed her, prosecutors said.


Why, indeed? That's a question for folks a lot smarter than me. I don't know that I want to understand. If I understood, it might start to make sense, and that's a possibility I'm unwilling to contemplate.

"Ultimately, she stated she wanted to know what it felt like," Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. David Rice testified Wednesday during a court hearing over the slaying.

My only analysis remains that, for some reason, this 15 year old girl is fundamentally broken. A girl who should be swooning over her latest crush, and scheming with her friends, instead was planning a brutal murder, to find out "what it felt like."

I have no desire to find out what taking human life feels like, and honestly, if that's something WANT to know, I consider you irreparably broken.

God rest the souls of these little girls, and be with the grieving in their time of need.


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