Thursday, November 19, 2009

Everything gets hotter when the sun goes down

It's Baby Brother's birthday today, so for On Stage Thursday, I'm going with a song that he and I actually got pounded out as a duet, and sing pretty much anytime we're together. I don't know how far he got on the guitar part, but I had the bass work down solid.

Happy Birthday, bro!



  1. hey bro, i have completely given up on playing the guitar except for air guitaring, my fingers aren't nimble enough and i have onset arthritis in them, so i am going to have my guitarist, john q frostwire, stand in for me while i sing. but, however, i will need your help in helping me send this year out with a bang by saying HEY Y'ALL, WATCH THIS!!!

  2. also, when we make a video of us singing this, what water will we be standing knee high in?