Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And the payoff

A while back, I posted a teaser for a project the BBTOH brought parts for.  Tonight, I got everything assembled, and now it's time for the reveal.  But first, the story behind the project.

Sometime around Thanksgiving of last year, Baby Brother and I learned that Dad has never owned a .22.  We both felt that this was a serious wrong that needed rectified.  In about the same time frame, I got to pining for the .22 I learned to shoot on, a Marlin 60, which Baby Brother had acquired from me a few years back.  A deal was brokered, and a couple of Glenfield 60s in decent shape were acquired.  I got my Marlin back, and Baby Brother and Dad both end up with a Glenfield.  Baby Brother's rifle worked like a champ from day 1, but we knew that Dad's rifle needed some love, so I've spent the past six or so months diagnosing, tuning, and loving on the old girl.  The firing pin was .1" short, and the stock was ROUGH.  Mr Potterfield's hero squad at Midway had the hot deal on a new firing pin and stock.  A little Birchwood Casey Cold Bluing Paste (a phenomenal product, BTW) from the local gunshop, and we're in business, I think.  Test firing isn't until this weekend, but everything seems in spec quite nicely.

And now, pictures!

The main action screw, after the Birchwood Casey treatment.  The center area will get more work after it's in the gun and less likely to be scarred.

The completed project.

I love you, Dad, I hope you like it.


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