Sunday, June 13, 2010

Top Shot, week 2

Okay, we're gonna try liveblogging Top Shot this week in a slightly different fasion, something a bit more streamlined than last week.

This week, the weapon is a Beretta 92F.  That's an M9 to you military folks.  The practice session target setup looks BRUTAL.  And some of these pistol boys make me realize how much improvement I have to do with my sidearms.

Jim from the blue team is struggling horribly.  Blake makes shooting the 92 well look stupid easy.  Kelly looks very good, especially for only having put 15 rounds through a 92 previously.

The team challenge has 7 tubes, decreasing from 4"-1.5".  Each shooter gets 1 round to go through their designated tube, and if they miss, must step back and wait for everyone else on their team to fire their one round in turn.

And damn, the red team gets to pick who on the blue team sits down.  And they pick the obvious choice, Blake.

Shooting orders, big to small


Jim was the only blue teamer to miss his first shot, but he redeemed himself on the second shot.


Frank, Brad, and Bill missed their first shots.  Frank missed his second, Brad hits, and Bill misses again.  Frank hits his third, as does Bill.

Red team 2:34, Blue team 2:07.  Jim shot slow, but he hit slow, and hits count.  Red team is going to lose another shooter.

Frank drew 3 votes straight off, Brad and Bill drew a pair.  The tiebreaker is drawing the name of one member of the team that's not involved in the tiebreaker or elim to break it.  Peter is drawn, and votes for Brad to face Frank in the elimination.

Hot damn, this elim challenge looks like a blast.  Riding a chair-zipline, while shooting at targets on either side.  Looks hard as hell, but Bex and I agree that it looks like more fun than should be allowed by law.

Brad is up first, and scores 5.  Frank, shooting second, also hits 5.  Re-ride!

Second trip through, Brad scored 5 again, Frank scored 1.  The cop goes home, and the red team is officially down 2 shooters.

Next week, longbows!


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