Sunday, June 20, 2010

Top Shot Week 3: Flippin' Slivers

This week on Top Shot, longbows!

The practice field is set up at 100 yards, so they're basically firing artillery-style.  Which, historically, is how a longbow was used.  Nobody seemed to have a particular advantage going in, but Kelly seems to perform well.

And the reality TV drama comes out.  Kelly apparently made a pretty off color joke about Bill's ex-wife, which Bill reacted badly to, and now there's some red team strife.  Caleb laughed at it, and I'll admit, having an ex-wife, I snickered a bit too.

The team challenge is an accuracy/speed competition.  30 seconds to score one arrow closest to the bull.  Flames show what ring you hit in.  Red, being down 2 members, picks Chris and Adam to sit out.  Caleb is stepping up to lead for Blue team, and JJ volunteers to fire last.

Kelly takes an early lead that nobody can touch, until JJ beats him on his fifth arrow, putting Blue in the lead.  Bill, being the solitary remaining shooter, must hit closer than 26" from the bull at 100 yards.

Blue wins yet another week, meaning Red faces their third straight elimination challenge.

Red seems to be in utter chaos when picking who they send to the elimination challenge.  The only thing that seems certain is Brad seems to be ostracized.  Kelly is trying to swing Denny to his side, but Denny doesn't seem interested in making any deals.

The nomination is entirely political, and ends up being Bill v Brad.  Brad was pretty predictable, as he's alienated much of his team, but Denny's deciding vote for Bill was mildly surprising, in light of his comments about not liking being told how to vote.

"I'm mad because I'm an IPSC Grand Master and I'm gonna be competing with a goddamn bow and arrow." -- Brad

Seems he's missing the point of the show.

Elimination challenge is using crossbows.  In practice, Brad seems to take to the weapon easily.  Bill also shoots relatively well, but seems to be shooting consistently to the right.

Elimination is a William Tell shoot.  Apples at 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards.  Bill seems to have problems cocking his bow, but scores his 10 yard apple first.  Brad picks up the 10 yarder on #2, but Bill goes 2 for 2 before Brad gets #2 on his third bolt.  Brad takes the lead on his third apple.  Bill keeps missing on #3, seems to have wind problems.  Brad is very close, but still having a hard time on #4, while Bill finally hits #3.  Brad scores on #4, winning the challenge and retiring Bill Carns from the competition.

Back with more next week.


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  1. Heh. I watch the show on hulu on Mondays. I have other tabs open, and when the "blah blah blah" drama starts, I just read a blog or something...until they get back to shooting. ;)