Thursday, June 10, 2010

This just in

Whale Wars on Animal Planet makes me swear.  A lot.  Loudly, using words that would impress conventions of mechanics and Marines.  Seriously, why hasn't the Japanese Navy, or the navy of any of a score of other nations, prosecuted and executed these self-righteous assholes as the pirates they are?  In a truly just world, the whalers would be returning fire with guns, blowtorches, and hydrochloric acid in response to the thrown acid, boarding attempts, and laser target designators, amongst other assaults on their vessels.  And any of the Sea Shepherd clowns that survived until capture would be summarily executed.  International law with regard to pirates is clear, and unchanged for hundreds of years.  Play pirate games, receive pirate rewards, to paraphrase JayG.

They sail under a Jolly Roger.  Technically, that's enough to get them at least investigated and boarded by authorities.


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