Sunday, June 27, 2010

Top Shot, Week 4

This week is a "judgement" challenge, it seems.  The teams are using AR-15 rifles, in practice, they have to turn, and shoot a series of targets of a declared color, while not shooting the other color.

Blue looks decent in practice, the collection of former military definitely doesn't hurt them.  JJ, claiming he knows nothing of rifles, puts on one hell of a show.  Jim shoots slowly, but is frighteningly accurate.

Red starts off with Andre and Pete demonstrating "every Marine a rifleman."  Kelly puts up a horrible practice round, for his sake, I hope Pete's advice afterward helps him out.

Back at the house, Blue is showing some drama over Jim's speed.

The team challenge is a game of Concentration.  The target is a 6x6 grid, revealed for 30 seconds, then the targets are obscured before the shooters fire.  7 rounds and 20 seconds to hit as many "foe" targets as possible.  Red picks Blake, JJ, and Iain to sit out this round.  +1 for a foe target, -1 for a friendly.


Denny +6
Brad +7
Kelly +6
Andre +1 (with a -1 hit)
Peter +5 (leaving 2 rounds intentionally in the magazine)

Caleb +5
Adam +5 (with a -1 hit)
Tara +3 (fumbled her load, and still left ammo in the mag)
Jim +3 (with a -1 hit)

Blue was mathematically eliminated with a shooter still on the bench.

The debate back at the house doesn't seem so much who HAS to go into the elimination challenge as who GETS to go in.  Jim volunteers himself, as does Iain.  Caleb puts up a fair bit of protest to Iain volunteering himself.

"Just so you know, Adam, that is the first time that anyone has missed a nomination target." -- Colby

Iain's description of the plan is beautifully simple.  "We don't want to be whiny )#&%)%# like the Red team, so we made a plan and we're sticking to it."  Iain and Jim, as planned, go into the elimination challenge.  In another first, Blue could cover Iain's nomination target with a quarter.  Red doesn't seem to understand how Blue is completely amicable and friendly about elimination, which Red has so far been unable to do.

The elimination challenge is shooting a moving target with a TZ99 pistol.  Jim seemed to have a bit of difficulty with the pistol, but he's decidedly optimistic.  Iain seems entirely comfortable, both with the pistol and the challenge.

The elimination challenge is another "friend or foe" target setup, 15 seconds, 3 of each color.  Iain shoots first, and rocks all three foe targets.  Jim also hits all three foe targets, but he also hits a friend target, and loses the challenge.


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