Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gun Show AAR

Went to the funshow today.  No money in the budget for new boomsticks at the moment, but I wasn't after a gun anyways.  (Not that I would have minded one of the two Schofields I saw, or the other No 3 in 44-40.)

But no, my specific purpose was to track down "the grip lady."  Seriously, if you ask at the door for "the grip lady," everybody knows exactly who you mean.  She has several display cases chock full of various grips, both factory and aftermarket, and for some pretty obscure handguns.  A friendly exchange of currency later, this:

Into this:

The grips are about 3/16" wider, and a touch longer.  Makes for a very hand-filling grip.  I'll try and get out this week to see how it affects my shooting, but just handling it is a fair bit more comfortable.


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